contemporary equestrian art, trotting horse


I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone college of art, Dundee with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Specialising in drawing and painting.

After leaving art college I had a studio through WASPS in Dundee for a number of years.

In 2006 I received an award from DVAA (Dundee Visual Artists Award) to produce new and experimental works. This was a great opportunity which allowed me to take time out of my ‘normal’ job and dedicate some time to experimenting with different materials. I became really interested in mark making – in that seemingly random marks could show movement and energy. This has been vital in my work ever since.

When I moved to Fife I gave up the Dundee studio and have worked from my home studio ever since.

I attend a number of Equestrian events each year with my art where I sell originals and limited edition prints. Have a look here for upcoming events. I also sell my work through galleries and open studio events.

Horses gradually became the main, though not sole, subject in my work (I regularly attend life drawing classes and hire a local model to sit for me).

When I imagine a horse I don’t see a placid wee pony munching away contentedly in a field, I see…mane and tail flying in all directions… Eyes wild and alert… Nostrils flared and pink… Breath snorted out in streams. Sweat glistening on his flanks…. The smell! Oh, the smell! And hooves! Thundering towards and over me, leaping me at the last minute. The rhythm pounding the earth and flowing up through me… My heart beating in time…  This is what I try to show in my work.

The equine form has captured the attention of artists throughout time from cave painters to Da Vinci – and who am I to argue with that!?

The horse is my muse.